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Imagination Station

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We recognize that there is always room for improvement. 

Customer feedback is greatly appreciated!  

Lauren G. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

August 13 

We had our sons 5th birthday here and it was seamless from beginning to end. Amanda was great answering all my questions and preparing for the day. She got all the stuff to do the craft with the kids. The kids all had a great time (from ages 1 to 7)!! There was something for everyone.

Nicole K. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

August 11 

I was worried my daughter wouldn't stay for camp since she has been at home since birth, but she surprised me and LOVED it. Can't wait for her to go back another week!

Anne L. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

August 10 

My 3 and 6 year old had a great time playing and we will definitely be back!

Jessica H. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

July 27

Cute place for kids. My 5 year old loved it! So many different stations. She didn't want to leave. We will be going back I am sure. Hopefully on another Friday special where hours were extended so we can go after work.

Samantha W. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

July 18

Well tomorrow is day 3 of my son's summer camp and he LOVES IT!. Truthfully he is usually really scared of leaving me and he has done wonderful so far. He comes home talking about all the fun he had and brings home such cute crafts. He is actually asking me when he gets to go to real school which is major for him. Prior to this he didn't even want to think about pre k in September.

Heather J. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

July 14  

Took both my kids (6 year old boy & 3 year old girl) here this morning and they both loved it!! There was so much for them to do, it was hard to get them to leave. The owner was super friendly and very involved with helping with the crafts. I am so excited to finally have a place like this in Cecil County!! We will definitely be back.

Melissa M. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

July 8 

My 3 year old had a great time and had a hard time leaving. So much to do that has nothing to do with technology! Amanda, the owner, is very involved in the kids' activities and interactions. Cecil County needed this place!

Tonya R. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

July 7 

Just what Elkton needs!!!! A great place for little ones to play and create!!! My daughter absolutely loved it and can not wait to go back.

Jessica H. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

July 7 

Such a fun place for kids to play and mamas to chat! My son can't wait to go back and bring his friends!

Heather T. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

June 26 

Such a great place for kids to play and learn! Our twins had a blast painting, coloring, playing with cars, bugs, blocks and more! Really suited for all ages!

Kimberly V. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

June 25 

I saw kids up to 5th grade having a great time. So many stations, and crafts to make. A lot for kids of all ages , my granddaughter never wanted to leave. And i got caught up in play too. We really had fun. The social interactions she participated in really impressed me . What a great atmosphere to learn in.

Sabrina H. reviewed Imagination Station — 5/5 stars

June 24 

There were 10 plus Stations and my daughter couldn't decide which to play in! Loads of Fun!

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